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Instructions to Parents.

  • Parents are requested to read and understand the content of this diary at the onset of each academic year.

  • Parents should fill up all entries and sign where ever required in the diary.

  • Parents must inform the school with their latest contact details as soon as there is any change. The parents must check diary of their ward every day and comply with whatever request made by teachers and school authorities.

  • Parents are not allowed to go to the classrooms during class hours. If they have any problem, they are requested to contact the office.

  • School does not recommend tuitions and does not permit its teachers to accept private tuitions.

  • Parents should try to attend all the Parents Teachers Meetings or Open House held every month.

  • Absence due to sickness of pupil upto 3 days must be conveyed through Leave note in diary. The medical certificate from a registered practitioner accompanied by a parent's note is a must for Medical Leaves exceeding 3 days. In case of planned holidays, the leave letter must be submitted before proceeding for leave.

  • Please do not send your child to school when sick, even during the examination. Instead, send intimation with the letter and the medical certificates as early as you can.

  • Please note that in the case of an unforeseen event during the test/ examination, the same will be rescheduled at later date. The remaining part of the test/examination will be continued as planned.

  • Please send tiffin with the child. Parents are not allowed to send tiffin afterward.

  • Please send Salad, Chapati, and Sabji in tiffin daily. (Except Saturday) .

  • Please pay the school fees and bus fees before the last date and avoid further trouble.

  • In case of a dispute between parents, they will not involve school authorities and the teachers in any circumstances.

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